RTM Beap Assignment

Timmy Zhou
Oct 26, 2020

Link To Patcher:


Beap soundtrack with relaxing visuals:

I decided to expand upon what I had in class already with the peaceful spacey soundscape I created. I think this would work really well in some games like Monument Valley with all the colors already there. I ended up with 3 sounds: the first being the ambient setting, the second is a little more excited with a melody, and the third builds upon the previous and adds in reverb-y rain sounds.

The soundtracks fade into one another, but not perfectly. I was going off my research into the sounds of Minecraft and emanating how sometimes the transitions between songs was rather sudden.

For the Project, Aidan and I decided to try and find some inspiration before brainstorming ideas. Turns out, it’s pretty hard on youtube to find ‘reactive music performances’.

One idea that I came up with could be to use Beap to create a set of 3 or 4 different sounding tracks and then use an external sensor light a light sensor for arduino and play the sounds corresponding to light and dark.

A second idea is to use Teachable Machine’s Audio model to recognize a set of sounds we make like a snap, clap, or hiss. Once it recognizes what type of sound it is, it could send a signal to Max telling to play the same sound we created for Teachable Machine but distort it.