3D Model Documentation

Timmy Zhou
2 min readMar 9, 2022

My general outlook on life and projects deadline is pretty well summed up in this post: https://waitbutwhy.com/2015/07/why-im-always-late.html

My print would take 5 hours, so in my mind, I’d be A-okay if I started the print at 5pm and had it fail. I could make some tweaks and then let it run overnight. If it still failed overnight, then I’d just show up super early and run it again before class.

I optimistically think that on even the day before the project is due, there will be a perfect block of time available for me to swoop in and get the print done in time. In some ways, it seems pretty irrational, but I have just enough anecdotes from the past where this method has worked, so my brain feels it’s a pretty good gamble.

With 3D printing in the past, I just stuck the USB into the machine, selected the project, and had the print all done the next day.

Yesterday though, the Ultimakers on the floor were taken, the Lulzbots weren’t being used anymore (they were my secret weapon last year), and all the printers in the Makerspace were in use also.

Then comes the spark of inspiration, in the form of remembering that Faith had a personal 3D printer. Having waited until 5pm for an empty spot that never came, I made the trek to Manhattan and attempted to get my print done there.

Unfortunately, the machine had a mind of its own, and after about 30 mins into each print, the piece was shifted off the baseplate by the nozzle somehow. Before the second attempt, I wiped down the base with alcohol and the initial layers seemed to be stuck on pretty well, so I’m not sure why exactly it failed.

Fusion 360 and Cura layout